About the islands

Lying just 28 miles Sou’ Sou’ West off mainland UK, this tiny archipelago is one of the most stunning locations in the world. The Isles of Scilly are home to just over 2000 people, living on the 5 larger islands, there are over 100 smaller islands and rocks that make up this Lilliputian paradise.

The visitor is lured by azure waters and white sand beaches that offer solitude, peace and total relaxation. Scilly really is a place where you can switch off and recharge, taking in the nature of your surroundings, absorbing the culture of past times and breathing in that crisp ozone air that has been scrubbed by 3000 miles of Atlantic Ocean. Keep up to date with the tide times for the islands on Tides Chart.

Azure waters
peace and total relaxation
white sand beaches

St Mary’s is the largest of the inhabited islands and an excellent base from which the first time visitor can explore the delights that Scilly has to offer. Boating, sailing, walking, horse riding, art & craft workshops are just some of the many activities that the islands have to offer.
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The Isles of Scilly is a place of immense cultural and marine history.
Ranging from the Romano British Bronze Age settlements of Halangy Down and Nor Nor to the Navel disaster of 1707 that culminated in the development of John Harrison’s marine chronometer that determined longitude Scilly’s past will have something to enthral you.


They say that time is a great healer and Scilly offers it’s visitors time, time to relax, time to breath, time to unwind and time to take in all the beauty that makes these islands so special that you will want to return time and time again.

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